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    Y by Yves Saint Laurent

    I have my mother's bottles of Y & Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. My father gave her these & I notice that she used almost all of the Paris & only a fourth of the Y. She preferred green or chypre scents, or florals such as carnation, but disliked strongly musky or oriental scents. She loved the bright sweetness of ginger & hated the shadowy tuberose.

    I'm a different type myself!

    I am afraid this review of Y will be skewed by the possibility that this bottle is "off". However the main thing I have to say about Y (in this bottle) is that it "plays handball with your mind". The opening note is
    a metallic aldehyde (it is affected by the metallic atomizer perhaps) that makes me go "gack" & hesitant to continue the exploration. There is an almost instantaneous passage into an incredibly complicated chord of florals, woods, fruits, mosses & animalic scents that for some strange reason makes me think of dark chocolate with a fruit liqueur center. The dry down is heady but I come back for more: what IS that? Finally, the floral, wood & mossy reverberations linger a long long time.

    This is a scent for Daffy Duck.

    08th July, 2012

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