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    Oud Stars : Fars by Xerjoff

    A very agreeable scent. Begins in the typical floral-oud combo, though brighter and more effervescent than many in the genre. It confuses me. I get a rose (if on the wet and fruity side) along with the jasmine - but there is no mention of the rose in the notes. Maybe it is because rose is so commonly paired with oud that I am creating my own subliminal rose. Regardless, I prefer darker, almost chocolatey roses with Oud and woods, so the sweeter flowers (the geranium I do not smell, but jasmin yes, and the lavender lifts your spirits throughout) and house-standard citrusy/bergamot elements come across as a bit at odds with the heart of the fragrance. Then again, I felt the same with Kobe back when it was the new sensation. Easily wearable - though not a barbershop contender to my nose and not particularly masculine either. If you like scents that develop a lot, this one certainly changes its face a few times, becoming much warmer and woodier after several hours, and that is when I most enjoy it. No doubt, Fars is the brightest, cleanest, and most easily approachable of the Oud Stars lineup. A thumbs up, yes, but is it worth the dough?

    08th July, 2012

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