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    Absinth by Nasomatto

    Grassy, prickly, earthy, rooty, sharp and crazy, this is Absinthe, at least in the main part of its development, before starting finally to soften and go towards a nicer, warmer and slightly smoother mossy and resinous-incensey stage.The juice itself, as usual for Nasomatto, is a mysterious blend of many notes, some of which are apparently more easily detectable as vetiver, artemisia, woods, burnt incense and some final smoothing element as moss and resins. Other notes could possibly have been inserted by Gualtieri but we have no certainty about ( i mean mushrooms, ortica, angelica, obscure greens, dark tea etc). The essence of artemisia and the extrait of secret greens produce that sort of wormwood-strong anice-licorice characterizing mould that makes this fragrance immediately recognizable. Only God knows whether wormwood is concretely present in composition or if what we inhale is just the olfactory effect of absinth created by a blend of secret herbs in their extrait. Some floral note emerges sometimes from the dark abysses. The fragranze is persistent even if not as well as Duro or Black Afgano. I detect some similarities with the wonderful Fou d'Ansinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur, which is a spicier, sweeter, more lethery and animalic stuff (absith-angelica-spices and animal-leathery notes) and with the more refined Parfum d'Habit (mainly in the first stage because of the similar usage of musk, vetiver and woods) which is anyway a more woody, clean, refined and leathery kind of juice especially in its dry down.

    23rd September, 2011 (Last Edited: 09th July, 2012)

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