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    Pour Un Homme by Caron

    This fragrance is so evocative. I happened to get hold of the older version which is NOT the bright green color and also the bottle label is different. This more vintage one has just "Pour un Homme" on the label with "Caron" near the bottom, while the newer one has "Pour un Homme de Caron". The new juice is bright green in color and the older juice is greenish brown. Now the newer one smells bright and clean while the older one smells darker and dirtier. I am sure the composition is roughly the same lavender-vanillas theme but there are differences. In the vintage there is the definite smell of cat-pee for a 5-10 minutes (AKA civet) and something like a tobacco note, but this isn't listed in the ingredients. In the newer one, I don't get the cat-pee note, and it is the poorer for not having it. I find the newer version sweeter and less complex and naughty, so my vote is for the vintage if you can find it. The label is the give away for this one. The vintage label has just "Pour Un Homme" and NOT "Pour Un Homme de Caron". There is an even older version which has the subtitle on the label "Les plus belles Lavandes", after the name "Pour Un Homme". I've just found a bottle of that vintage on Ebay and will report back after trying it.

    06th April, 2008 (Last Edited: 09th July, 2012)

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