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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    To me, GIT is a classic. 10 out of 10, and that is a rating I rarely give out. Many people are debating on the comparison between Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed. I sprayed Green Irish Tweed on my left hand and Cool Water on my right hand. Here are the results

    First Spray
    If we are going by the first impression. The first spray. The first ten seconds. The fragrances are much different. Cool Water is dominated by a heavy lavendar opening. Green Irish Tweed starts out with a very strong lemon scent. In all fairness, it was probably the most high quality lemon note that I know of. Eventually Cool Water organizes itself and settles down, in about 15-30 minutes. The lemon scent in GIT is more subtle and it really helps the scent overall. At first impression, they don't smell much alike. In a half hour, they start smelling more similar. Green Irish Tweed has an amazing opening, which is why it is a shame we have to say goodbye to it, but the drydown is amazing as well.

    Are they similar?
    As they dry down, they are both very similar (like 80% similar), even though at opening they are almost nothing alike. Green Irish Tweed, up-close, is certainly of much higher quality than Cool Water. The ingredients are clean, crisp and much more easily detectable. Cool Water definitely seems to be the cheaper and more synthetic one in comparison. Green Irish Tweed easily wins, but both are very good fragrances. To me, I would give Cool Water an 8 or 9 and Green Irish Tweed a ten. Keep in mind that a ten is a rating that I very rarely give.

    Is Green Irish Tweed worth the price?
    It depends. How serious of a fragrance collector are you? How much disposable income do you have? If you have no problem with investing a lot of money into a cologne collection because it is something you are really passionate about, I would easily recommend it. If you aren't too serious about cologne collecting and just want to smell good, then go with Cool Water. GIT is ten times the price. It is much better, but not ten times better. Cool Water gets the job done. Green Irish Tweed doesn't just get the job done. It gets it done masterfully.

    Bottom Line
    Cool Water, as it passes through the air smells very good though up-close it may seem synthetic and cheap. The ingredients are harder to identify, but it creates an overall aroma and mood that most designers can't. Cool Water is not something to be examined closely, but rather taken in as a whole. Green Irish Tweed is the opposite. From a distance, GIT could easily be mistaken as Cool Water by the untrained nose, however, when you examine closely, GIT is unmistakably high quality and a real pleasure to smell. Cool Water gets the job done, but GIT will have you smelling your wrists all day.

    11th July, 2012

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