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    Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    A smooth, well-blended and modern fragrance. Think of this as a classier, less synthetic Pi. The vanilla (Benzoin) is nowhere near as thick or syrupy as Pi but the notes are similar to my nose.
    The main difference here is the Eucalyptus opening. It's nothing like real Eucalyptus (I live in Australia...go figure) but I can see the "inspired by" quality of it and by the time the dry down comes it flirts with woods and becomes a nice camphor wood accord that sits nicely on my skin.
    However, problem with Body Kouros is that it is almost too well blended. It's almost as though everything in this is just too pleasant. Even the Eucalyptus note in the opening is too "nice". Nothing seems to contrast or stand out and unfortunately it makes this scent rather tame. If there was something in there that gave in a bit of hair on it's chest (not to the extreme of it's older brother Kouros) to vanquish that almost feminine like vanilla this would be great but unfortunately it's just too nice.
    Projection and Longevity aren't too bad, but it's also painfully normal.
    Body Kouros could be so much more but to me it is literally the epitome of tame.

    15th July, 2012

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