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    Santal Blush by Tom Ford

    Santal Blush is a pleasant surprise. The name and the bottle would have you expecting yet another overly sweet and synthetic candy confection, and one definitely geared to women. That’s not the case. On the contrary, SB is a straightforward sandalwood: woodsy, dry, airy, yet creamy and lightly spiced -- just right. In other words, it smells like Mysore, which is yet another surprise; how many “sandalwoods” these days actually smell like the real thing? Yet if my information is correct, no Mysore sandalwood is at work here – a tribute to the perfumer (Yann Vasnier) for making it happen, however he did it. Staying power is pretty good as well; just a couple of spritzes lasted a good while. And for the guys (like myself) who wouldn’t feel completely at ease wearing the wonderful Bois des Iles (a tad too sweet), SB is a sandalwood any guy could feel comfortable with, anywhere, summer or winter. A class act. (And less harsh than Villoresi’s Sandalo.)

    16th July, 2012

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