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    The Dreamer by Versace

    I would say that Tim's review on YouTube had a lot to do with Dreamer's overhyped legend on the Internet. Dreamer by Vercace isn't a bad scent, but it's not a great scent either. It's just one of many examples in the fragrance world where the legend overshadows the fragrance itself. I'm not gonna bore you to death with talk of top notes to bottom notes, I just want to tell you to be careful with this one if you are thinking about making the money dive because The Dreamer is an acquired taste in my opinion. From the first spray, this Vercace legend is a rough ride and very old lady purfumey at first. Don't get me wrong, there is masculinity here, but this one could EASILY be unisex. I really do have mixed feelings about Dreamer, somedays I like it and others I regret buying it blindly. The scent is most certainly not very versatile. Dreamer will work best in more formal type events like church, weddings, funerals and romantic nights out with a lady. More of an evening and cooler weather scent. Not smooth at all and very dry. At the end of the day I have respect for this fragrance and still wear it, but do to the maturity of this fragrance I think this one is more in tune for the 30 and up crowd. Regardless there's still better stuff out there.

    17th July, 2012

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