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    Ambrarem by Histoires de Parfums

    Sweet powdery gasoline mixed with a vegetal vanilla pretty much sums up my impression after several full wearings of Ambrarem. I so want to give this a thumbs up not just because HdP is one of my fav houses but also because Ambrarem is actually a truly creative and well done fragrance, yet at the same time it seems as though it was created to appear especially synthetic, thus giving it a somewhat hollow and emotionless presence. It seems less a work of art and more a "presentation" in bizarre boldness. I admire its originality and it's oddly easy to wear, yet I sometimes catch a whiff of it and squiggle my nose in that split second before I remember I'm wearing it. So yes, I don't particularly care for how the scent makes me feel yet I find myself appreciating the originality. It's definitely a polarizing scent, and while I don't consider it an amber fragrance (more like a highly mutated cousin of amber) I still recommend everyone seek out a sample of this release.

    17th July, 2012

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