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    A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

    PS begins with the top notes of freezing mint and juniper. The juniper is the stronger note, as it is just a heavy note seemingly wherever I smell it. But the mint doesnít back down too far. It is still there, and it provides a bit of a chill. These notes last for quite a while, eventually to recede into a spicy white pepper note followed by the weak base notes of sequoia wood and patchouli. I find these base notes almost nonexistent, surely to be missed by anyone who is not trying to sniff you.

    I have to say this is the first fragrance where I have done a complete 180. I absolutely hated this fragrance when I first tried it and resonated with those who gave a thumbs down review. I was in solidarity with everything they said. But upon my second wearing, I didnít hate it as much. After a couple more times, I just had to admit that I really liked PS. I think what really bothered me was the initial juniper note. I wasnít crazy about juniper, although PS really helped me to learn to en joy it. But I didnít Ďgetí the juniper note. The marketing of PS and the look of the bottle and the bright blue color of the star gave me the impression that this was a summer scent, made for hot weather. Initially juniper just didnít seem like the right note for that. The juniper that complements the freezing mint in the top notes gives this fragrance an overall autumnal feeling Ė something that ďcanĒ be worn in warm weather, but that overall is probably better suited to autumn. This would also pass in spring weather, and probably in summer as well, but I felt like the marketing for this and the actual notes were a bit askew.

    Nevertheless, with that said, I suppose I understand the negative reviews. When I first smelled this, I never thought I would learn to enjoy this. I think itís definitely worth trying a decanted sample. Iím not sure how much a full bottle costs now or if there are many left for sale.

    17th July, 2012

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