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    Coromandel by Chanel

    Top: citruses, bitter orange, neroli
    Heart: jasmine, rose, patchouli, orris
    Base: incense, olibanum, benzoin, woodsy notes, musk, Tahitian vanilla

    The moment I tried Coromandel, I fell head over heels in love with this fragrance. For about 2 hours, I kept smelling my wrist. The rich, sweet and exotic oriental concoction was so divinely intoxicating I almost rushed back to the Chanel boutique to buy the 200ml bottle. Then, with no warning, the musk note that had remained rather discreet up to that point suddenly appeared and ruined everything for me. As I often said before, I am not too big on animalic notes and musk is most certainly an ingredient that does not agree with me. I believe it is the combination of musk and jasmine that reacts badly on my skin. To my utter disappointment, this exclusive EDT I was so crazy about minutes before had turned into a rather uninteresting cheap-smelling musk-based fragrance.

    The friend who accompanied me to the store also tried Coromandel but with very different results. On her skin, the fragrance developed much better. The fresh yet zesty citrus notes were very present. More importantly, the dreadful musk note did not show up at all. However, it failed to do what any animalic note is intended to do i.e. give the fragrance longevity and stability. We both found Coromandel extremely pleasant on her but she did not buy it either due to its unfortunate lack of staying power. A third party was supposed to be with us that afternoon. Who knows? Maybe Coromandel would have fit him to a T!

    18th July, 2012

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