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    Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris

    I was looking for a perfume that smelled of the Northern California coast, and thanks to Hanunani's generosity I've found one. Fleurs de sel smells very much like the dry, golden aromatic hills on the coast - with just a tang of salt in the air.

    Fleurs de sel is not an exact match to California's coastal hills - there are other elements here. What I notice most of all in this perfume is the presence of Vetiver. An aromatic, herbaceous, dry, golden Vetiver. Plus salt. Personally, I'm not a nut for Vetiver - but if it's your thing - give this a try.

    Overall, this perfume strikes me as extremely GOLDEN and DRY - it also conveys a sense of strength or power (not in being overbearing, but in its character). Often, when wearing it - I am struck by the image of a lion. All the dry, golden yellow tones of the savannah, and of the lion's coat and mane.

    02nd November, 2010 (Last Edited: 18th July, 2012)

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