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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    4 oz. Blind buy, Serial #: A3211U01

    Play this song - (Flowers by Nujabes) and read my review.

    So my beloved package of Green Irish Tweed 4 arrived a day earlier than expected. (Today)

    There are an overwhelming number of reviews on GIT that you can find, the majority of which claim that it is the be all end all scent. I was compelled to try it because after extensive review reading for my other Creed buy, I wanted to see if Creed had another excellent scent to offer.

    I'm a noob, no fronting, I only own about eight fragrances now, and only recently have I really started smelling for any notes in particular, so I urge you to take my words with a grain of salt.

    When I sprayed the first full spray of GIT, this song began playing in my head, because it's like you are thrown into not a pit, but a mountain of flowers. Describing it as the scent of the morning does not do it justice. It's fresher, more powerful, and aromatic than morning dew. Unfortunately, that is probably the closest you will get to a description of GIT without smelling it.

    The first fifteen minutes, the citrusy lemon really takes you in. Seriously. I thought the Aventus Pineapple, Black XS Strawberry, and L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme citrus were good, but god damn, this lemon was delicious. It only lasted for a depressing fifteen minutes, MAX, though. Thumbs down here.

    But the flowers. Are you listening to that song yet?! It's been about an hour and the flowers, I honestly cannot differentiate among flowers according to their scents, but I will visit a botanical garden and then add to this review. I think the flowers smell ridiculously fresh. As if you've just sprinkled water on them and then put a whole bouquet to your face.

    I am also getting a sea salt aroma that is really fantastic and reminds me of a seaside villa. Probably the sandalwood mixing with the ambergris? I don't know, but I can only smell this if I'm an inch from my wrist.

    Three hours now, flower power to the max, smells exactly as it did three hours ago, minus that delicious lemon, wtf! I guess that's how they get you to spray more..

    And a final note. These flowers aren't by any means feminine. They dwell in the gray area but the fragrance as a whole smells exudes masculinity. It's not a sweet flower scent, but a pure, "You there, this is what fresh flowers smells like," scent.

    I can definitely see myself wearing this anywhere: work, driving around, shopping, lecture, weddings, funerals, church, eating out, etc. Pretty much anywhere BUT the gym. I feel that it would not really "work," for you when you are trying to squat 400. But I guess if you're a female it would be okay. (Sexism much?) I say this because I associate flowers with sophistication/tranquility, not with me sweating like a pig with veins bulging out of my temples trying to pump my final rep with a behemoth yell. But whatever floats your boat, I don't think anyone would be upset with you wearing this at the gym. It's just too safe. Almost to the point where I would call this a daily/go-to scent. It's not too exciting other than that crazy lemon, but after 15 mins, you will smell like pure flowers and green.

    Been about three and a half hours, still smell like #post-15 mins. Great scent. 8/10.

    19th July, 2012

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