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    Mon Cuir by Ramon Monegal

    Mon Cuir opens on skin with a nicely done orange blossom note, before slowly receding giving way to a very strong animallic, even semi-camphorous birch leather note that at first combines with the orange blossom in the early heart then outright overtakes it (and everything else) afterwards. The leather is supported by a barely detectable nutmeg and musk, but there is never any doubt as to who "the star" is in Mon Cuir. Projection is average and longevity is slightly above average.

    I am afraid Mon Cuir is really not to my personal taste. Its animallic leather nature is not the kind of leather I enjoy and I feel quite uncomfortable wearing it. I really did like the opening orange blossom and I think it could have been used more skillfully with a different kind of leather than the animallic stuff used here, but once the leather took the fore it was the beginning of the end for my enjoyment of Mon Cuir. It is interesting having previously sampled Monegal's Cuirelle, that I find the suede-like more soft and gentle approach used in that one as a much more appealing leather that I find far superior and much more accessible. That said, Mon Cuir is more of a "leather purist" kind of leather and may appeal to folks that like their leather more raw and wild than I. As for me, I'll stick to Cuirelle. "Mon Cuir" is not *my* leather and gets a below average to average 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5.

    20th July, 2012

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