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    Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma

    A new (less loud, leathery-animalic and angular) Antaeus's son. Aromatic, rosey and breezy. Magistrally executed this wonderful fragrance is dry, aromatic, classic and invigorating in an elegant way. A touch of marine breeze in the middle of the greens reinforces the cool-airy summery vibe. The wonderful myrtle, immediately detectable in the fuss of the initial hesperidic mess, in its link with aromatic elements, rose-jasmine, patchouli and oakmoss, reminds me the great Antaeus in its classy and cool floral-aromatic feel. The combination of aromatic herbs (basil, thyme, oregano, may be mint), myrtle and red fruits is so cool, sharp and comforting with that "frozen effect" you can enjoy utterly on your body when you abide in ambience with air-conditioning facilities. The smell is so natural and when you spray this juice on your chest after the shower in the course of a humid and warm day you feel immediately restored and refreshed. The mildness is minimal, the juice is constantly cool, aromatic-green and rosey with a cool starring note of myrtle in its link with black currant (pungent and fruity) and lemon. The lemony vibe is more notable than the minimal orangy feel under my nose. The base is mossy (a touch of labdanum?), musky and citrusy. The juice is more modern, linear and less barber-shop kind than the great Antaeus cause the note of angular bergamot is minimal and the herbs are diversely modulated in order to imprint a green kind of linear aroma. While the Antaeus's dry down is leathery and animalic (but always angular and scattered) the Mirto di Panarea's dry down is lighter and smoother with a sort of iodate, creamy and slightly prickly breeze. On the side of Fico di Amalfi this one is another juice to be enjoyed along the mediterranean seaside.

    21st July, 2012

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