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    Allure Homme by Chanel

    This is a very strong combination of fruit and spice, with a moderate amount of wood. It's always struck me as very synthetic, though, and the fruit in the top notes immediately makes me think of Lucky #6 or Soul by Curve, or any other discount store brand fruit fragrance. It's like a candied red apple with some kiwi or other tropical fruit thrown in, plus that all-too-common trace of cherry which always turns me off. Or "eau de everything at the fragrance counter hanging around it in a cloud". Considering how good some of the flankers are, it's a bit of a disappointment for me, though some of their newer, bluer offerings (!) have been pretty lousy. As the sharpness of the fruit recedes a bit (apple fading into strawberry?), it paves the way for more resinous notes and a bit of vanilla, but the mix still stays strong, chemical, and metallic. I also think it gets more powdery as it goes, and even overtly floral in the later stages, which I could definitely do without, and it's not spicy enough at any stage (i.e. never enough spice to counteract the sweetness). What I think kills the fragrance is how over-constructed it is, as if they put so much effort into blending so many intense notes that it just becomes an unrelentingly sweet fruit overload.

    26th July, 2012

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