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    Bal Versailles by Jean Desprez

    I recieved a bottle of this in the Eau De Cologne as a birthday/graduation present a couple of days ago along with some other [EPIC!] goodies from fellow basenoter Jujy54. Her note in the card stated that it was 'Racy stuff, pure decadence' and I couldn't agree with that statement more. The porcelain bottle is beautiful and like something off of Marie Antoinette or Josephine Beauharnais' boudoir tables. As others have noted very french. The opening on my skin is very spicy and slightly dizzying if you smell it straight away. I love the spice in the beginning, and after a few moments it begins to develop. Heavy on the musk, vanilla, and rose and a spicy vibe as it dries down to a 'sultry cookie' on my skin. The scent itself reminds me of an extravagant ball at Versailles or some other palace, with flowers all around, and flowing champagne and sweet treats, and ladies and gentlemen [or gentleman/gentleman, lady/lady menage trois] pressed together [it is Bal a Versailles after all] it just reeks of elegance and sultry cookie. and I really like it. <3

    19th July, 2012 (Last Edited: 28th July, 2012)

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