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    English Blazer by Parfums Bleu

    Bought it because my dad used to wear this amazing one called Insignia which smells just like this. Becasue English Blazer is so hard to find in New Zealand, I now buy Drakkar Noir because It's SO similar to this. As previous reviewers have pointed out, this is a scrubbed up version of Drakkar Noir. Insignia, Drakkar Noir, and English Blazer are very much interchangeable. I would go so far as to say that if you're familiar with one of those three you'll know exactly what the other two smell like.

    Now it's time to actually review English Blazer. 5 out of 5 from me! A scent that errs on the formal side. It's seductive, slightly warm yet a bit restrained. Very masculine too. This is a man's fragrance! You wont find women being drawn to wearing this one themselves as it's completely without femininity. A great fragrance that I never get bored of. Good silage and longevity. It's been years since I had a bottle of this but from memory it lasted a few hours on me. Oh and this one gets a lot of compliments too.

    30th July, 2012

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