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    Fendi Uomo by Fendi

    You are spending a year abroad in Roma, the eternal city. You have treated yourself to an expensive FENDI leather tote bag. It will become your souvenir when you return home and remind you of shopping daily at the open air markets.

    Today you are shopping for ingredients for a lovely fish dinner you are preparing for a special friend you met living in your building. You head out with the FENDI tote to a favorite market near the Spanish Steps. You toss in a couple of plump lemons and a particularly fragrant bunch of marjoram. Your eye catches a lovely older woman who makes home-made lavender soaps and purchase one for a sybaritic bath later that evening before your guest arrives. Before you head home you peruse the flower section for a bouquet for the dinner table. There is a mixed arrangement that looks particularly appealing. It is comprised of white carnations, white lilies and a few sprigs of jasmine thrown in. It will be perfect in the candlelight.

    You stop at a sidewalk cafe' for an expresso before returning back to your apartment. This is the hottest part of the day and your filled tote sits in the sun for a spell. The fragrant items in that tote are at their peak. When you return home you open your tote and the most wonderful aroma of herbs, flowers, soap and of course, the smell of expensive leather envelope you. You are in rapture. That is the smell of FENDI UOMO in a nutshell.

    When this was launched in the 80's there was the most sexy promotional film used in department stores. It was a beautiful Roman woman searching desperately through a burning Roman temple. She finally finds what she is looking for, a classical male nude marble statue. She approaches it and gives him a kiss on the lips. Lo and behold he turns human from his solid state. She is in sheer bliss. That is the way I feel when I wear UOMO.

    30th July, 2012

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