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    Ambre Fétiche by Annick Goutal

    What in my opinion does defines the initial Ambre Fetiche's "scrawled" mess is a rough and averagely dry (for a while at least) combination of spices (i think cinnamon overall), light smoky frankincense, labdanum, dry fruits (plums?) and dusty ( styrax) amber. Some woodsy resins lurk around in the middle of the sweet tornado. The burst is originally shocking in its salty-sweet (yet fruity) dissonance but in a while its kind of doping dirtiness starts to crab you for the throat as the alcohol's need does with the alcohol dependents under abstinence. In this phase the sweetness, still notable, bursts and fades a touch in a sort of mild-opaque olfactory alternance  and the perfume is a bit decadent in its slightly bitter and resinous undertone simil-beeswax, in its play of lights and shades and due to a touch of bergamot and patchouli (i suppose). Many micro particles of cream, incense, spices and moss keep on swirling around in an even more increasing  milky-powdery sweet way till when  a subtle sophisticated floral-musky accent plays its game leaning the juice over a more feminine side. The juice holds on being powdery because of the benzoin, the powdery-detergent  effect from iris, white woods and some incense still lingering around. The final touch of leather whereof many talk about is a pattern of final suede that emerges when the molecular milky dust starts a bit to recede and a more defined floral spark soars in the air. Another ambery fragrance whereof i appreciate the alternance of the different stages in its long trip. Just the dry down is fully satisfactory to me but at this point the lasting power has finally exausted its energy.

    01st August, 2012

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