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    Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

    I've just bought it blind after a couple of weeks of online research. I'm a regular user of Kouros and Salvador Dali PH, and I was expecting something similar after reading the reviews, but it doesn't even come close. (On a theoretical level, it does, both being very '80s - but technically, it's totally different.)

    BUT! Ever since I've put it on, I've had a nagging feeling that it reminds me of something, which seemed funny, as I could swear I've never smelled anything like it before. And then it struck me - this juice is SO VERY EFFING SIMILAR to Caron's L'Anarchiste (of which I'm also a big fan and regular user), that I've been laughing loud ever since I realised it! When I first tried L'Anarchiste, it was instant love for the first sniff, as I considered it truly unique with its minty-spicy-metallic fruit note, resembling nothing else on the market. Now it turns out it has a daddy, and it's called Lapidus Pour Homme! The similarity is so striking, I just can't believe it! The only difference is that there's pineapple in this instead of oranges, and pipe tobacco instead of mint, but the rest - the woods, spices and most prominently, the patchouli, even the smokiness - are spot-on the same! Amazing! Can anybody else confirm this? Did nobody else ever notice? O_O

    I can't give a more detailed breakdown about the scent, the sillage and the longevity now, as I've just started rocking this thing, but I'll get back to you after I've had some more experience with this - and after getting over the shock that one of my adorably unique perfumes from the 2000s was indeed made up in the '80s! :)

    01st August, 2012

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