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    Antaeus by Chanel

    Antaeus (vintage) opens with an almost cinnamon smell mildly reminiscent of Halston Z-14 before quickly transitioning to a somewhat dirty animallic leathery scent derived from a combination of clary sage, with more than a dollop of castoreum and just a bit if civet added in for good measure. The dirty animallic leather accord hangs around throughout the heart of the scent with a somewhat bees-waxy and oak mossy undertone protruding into the late heart from the base. Projection and longevity are legendary.

    Antaeus (vintage) is quite a different scent than all the other Chanel scents I have tried to date. It is quite the powerhouse scent that needs to be applied sparingly to avoid overpowering everything surrounding it (and you), but when applied lightly it really shines as a great animallic mossy leather driven primarily by its large quantity of castoreum. I don't know how often I would wear this, but Antaeus is certainly a classic scent that is perhaps apart from the great Sycomore just about as good as you are going to find from Chanel. Antaeus (vintage) earns an excellent 4 out of 5 stars.

    03rd August, 2012

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