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    Alien Essence Absolue by Thierry Mugler

    This is recognisably Alien, with a spicy, peppery edge to the opening, & the woods apparent quite early on. A few minutes in, a strong, marzipan-like note of heliotrope emerges, persisting for a good while, & almost veering a little powdery when the orris makes it's appearance. Through it all though, there's an intoxicating whiff of smoke, becoming stronger in the drydown of a rich, dark & smoky vanilla. l don't detect any animalic notes, but l've yet to wear this in the heat, which usually brings them out on my skin.
    This is very much an oriental version of Alien, & l would say, much easier for a man to wear than the original. lt's warmer, woodier, more golden, & more complex with its nuances of smoke & spice. Sillage & longevity are excellent. lt's deliciously plush & velvety, (with a nod to Mimi for her use of two of my favourite words!) & in my opinion the most swoon-worthy Alien flanker yet. Absolutely no regrets on this blind buy; an absolute must-try for all you Alien lovers out there!

    08th August, 2012

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