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    Gold Man by Amouage

    This is the first Amouage fragrance that I have sampled and truly disliked.

    To my admittedly uneducated nose the opening was overwhelmingly soapy with a hint of floral. I did not perceive it to be overly feminine like many reviewers have, but there is nothing masculine in it whatsoever. After about two hours I started smelling baby powder very strongly. After two more hours (4 total) this smells like a mixture of baby powder and a bar of perfumed soap from Wal-Mart. I can't wait to get it off of me. I hate baby powder. There is nothing about this scent I can recommend as it could be simulated with liquid soap and baby wipes for about $10. I am mortified that anyone would intentionally add this scent to their body.

    This is a sample from LuckyScent acquired in July 2012 so I trust it is authentic and fairly recent. I can not comment on any vintage versions as I have not sampled them.

    10th August, 2012

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