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    Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

    Putting aside the 'alien plant life' business, the really super-futuristic thing about Mugler's Cologne is that it's an instant shower in a bottle. Truly it's an essential utility. I've had my sample for a week and it's already indispensable for: wearing to bed at night to feel like you had a shower when you didn't - wearing in the morning to feel nice during that (drink tea/ feed cat/ smoke breakfast ) period in between waking up and getting showered, dressed and putting on your proper perfume - radically improving a hangover by removing all trace of fester, leaving you free to loll around in bed all day feeling clean and lovely with only pain and nausea left to deal with. It's great.

    As for the smell, there's something about it that reminds me of my dad's skin, which always had an distinctive clean/oily, vaguely citrus-ish smell, the unmistakable smell of a particular gelatinous, alien green industrial skin cleaner used by mechanics everywhere since the dawn of time. Could the mysterious 'S' ingredient be Swarfega?! Calling on any grease monkey fume heads out there to confirm this wild theory.

    12th August, 2012

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