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    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    I first owned this perfume over 15 years ago. it was quite an experience for me then. I'm not really a Gourmand type, and had never worn anything like it, it shocked me the first time I encountered, it continued to shock me each time I wore it. In fact I don't really know why I wore it, I just sometimes felt I really needed it, like a decadent *fix* of a calorie laden Belgian Chocolate gateau.

    As I began to smell it on every other woman in the street/restaurant/shop, I placed it in the back of the drawer, gave it away finally. Last month as I was walking through the perfume dept I saw it sitting there and, the old addiction rose up, I needed my *fix*.

    Ive matured since then, just because I own a perfume, doesn't mean it needs to come with me everywhere I go, Angel is my private comfort food scent. I now like to indulge in it's heady, warm, mouth watering sensuous Chocolate vanilla blanket in the evening, so it has dried down to its heavenly almost nursery caramel treat stage by bedtime.

    I love Angel now it is no longer a challenge to me and I know what to do with it, some scents are just too delicious and personal to share.

    13th August, 2012

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