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    Mandarina Duck Pure Black by Mandarina Duck

    Mandarina Duck Pure Black by Mandarina Duck - Initially, one is treated to a fresh orange. Tangerine, with its bright and tangy, orange facets, commingles with bergamot, with its bitterwsweet, orangey and a slightly peppery character. Indian pepper, with its earthy and woody mustiness, serves as an undercurrent, carrying the citric accord to the heart. Here, the citrus is subsumed by tonka bean, which imparts its creamy aspects of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, cherry, and almond. Orange blossom bestows its sweetly indolic, citric, floral accents. And, exotic, Tahitian tare infuses its softly sweet and creamy, tuberose-like and somewhat balmy floral. This remarkable melange flows nicely to the slightly tempering base. The resplendent tonka bean marries with a full-bodied, dark and faintly smoky vanilla. Woods, in the form of a creamy and soft sandalwood, as well as a greenish, balsamic cedar, winningly temper the sweetness. A pleasing drydown ensues. Far from being a dark and brooding scent, as the appellation may suggest, this wonderful composition is bright and sweet, yet retaining its masculine slant. Its projection is good, a 3-hour scent cloud before becoming a skin scent, and its longevity is average.

    15th August, 2012

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