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    Véga by Guerlain

    One of the few women's fragrances that I wish somehow I could wear or even just own without feeling embarrassed if someone were to find it in my collection. It is lusciously rich and decadent; almost impossibly lovely and not at all modern. The fragrance of allure and sex appeal without being cheap or slutty, this is almost "too too". I have a tough time with "notes" "basenotes" "drydown" and all that jazz when writing about this. Frankly, who cares? Vega is flowers and incense and booze and a waff of romantic air that is almost impossible to describe. Maybe the right words to describe this are style, personality, strength, sex appeal, sophistication and fun. When I smelled this and went crazy for it I said in my next breathe, "who would think of such a thing?" I would love to know a woman who would have the sensibility and the self possession to be able to wear this without some apprehension. You can't be totally conventional and wear Vega. You can be sort of conventional, but not totally. Not for the office; or the country club; or book club or food co-op, ladies, but for other places and other times. A night fragrance that is sweet and wonderful and just a little naughty, but in a smart sophisticated way. Think Louise Brooks or Jean Harlow in a Chinese patterned silk dressing gown and you're on the right track. Can you mix a Martini and dance the rhumba? Holy crow what a fantastic perfume!

    24th December, 2009 (Last Edited: 23rd February, 2010)

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