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    Route du Vétiver by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    Route du Vetiver is together with Sycomore, Vetiver Extraordinaire and Sel de Vetiver one of the best vetiver fragrances I have tried so far. I can only imagine how fabulous must have been the original version as people say it was darker and stronger.
    But dont be fooled buy appearances. It´s still a very bold and extreme scent.

    In the opening I get a very sharp, dark and green smell of vetiver. It´s also wet and dirty like if you just pulled it out of wet dirt. I also get the smell of black current enhancing the dark aspect of the fragrance with its bitter and dry (not sweet) fruitiness. After that it becamos softer, and the dark rooty vetiver dominates the fragrance. In this fase I notice that the fragrance gets closer to the skin but I can smell it from time to time on me, I think it creates a clowd.

    The nicest thing about it to me is that even though Route du Vetiver has a strong and dark vetiver note the whole composition is very trasparent and even a bit fresh. I love to wear this in a summer night wearing a white linen shirt. I feel very powerful, masculine and confident.

    05th July, 2012 (Last Edited: 16th August, 2012)

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