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    De Profundis by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    I just got a sample in the mail today....
    well.... this is definitively an unusual

    I find this scent oddly familiar...
    I smell.....

    a..Funeral... quiet on a cold foggy day.
    Abundant Tears, Grief and Despair.
    SADNESS!!!! all be it persistent Sadness, like Rain.

    I also smell.......

    a Cemetery...wet green earthy accords
    The pale lily-dahlia-chrysanthemum flowers
    funeral wreaths left on the graves...

    There is the opening of the pale chrysanthemums followed by the rest of the bouquet,
    flowers that have a bit of spiciness that lingers on your skin
    The fragrance rings hollow, like an echo or
    a watermark.

    There is something perceptible like incense
    but I find it only detectable as a feeling of
    calm and quiet,
    it isnít a dominant note at all...and yet it almost feels like it is a main player of the fragrance because of the serenity it emits.

    Perhaps some unmentioned chamomile petals which reinforces that sensation of.. rest,calm and peacefulness as the perfume slowly...
    "Ascends" or "Descends"
    into the base notes....
    Like last words before its gone...
    you are drawn even catch
    it whispers its last breaths silently of spices and woody warmth.

    I'm brought to tears .........for it brings to mind
    the cementery I visit with my mother every now and then .....
    to leave flowers for my departed sister ...
    she died 4 years ago...

    I read in some fragrance Blogs ...

    "De Profundis" is NOT a perfume to be worn
    and was never meant to be a "dark fragrance"
    (smelling the perfume you"ll understand why it lacks all the qualities of a real perfume).

    It is a symbolic urn meant to be collected and preserved or a bouquet of chrysanthemums offered every 1st November when someone dear has recently passed away.

    16th August, 2012

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