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    Boxeuses by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Been wanting to try this fragrance since
    an amazing review given by "PERFUME SHRINE"....
    She wrote ...
    "Boxeuses goes straight for the jugular, playing on the familiar, original codes of the Lutensian universe: violet-tinged woods, plummy fruits, somptuous spices..."

    So here are my initial impressions...

    I get alot of initial WOOD notes and Leather notes..
    but its pretty linear....and rather quiet
    Wears pretty close to the skin...
    Incensy and ...."Powdery"
    which I read somewhere it's going to be a return Fragrance Trend for 2011.

    There's a piquant touch to it
    perhaps its the Licorice....
    The much ballyhooed and talked about fruity Plum notes showed up very subtle and much later
    as the fragrance adapted to my skin.

    Shame!....I really expected much more EXOTICISM!

    "Perfume Shrine" called it...A Love-Child of a
    Cuir de Russie type and Rochas Femme.

    I frown a bit to comparing this fragrance to
    the standard.. of CUIR Fragrances
    like CUIR de RUSSIE and TABAC BLOND...

    Believe me ....I have converted with Religious Fervor to the Fragrance CULT that is SERGE LUTENS...

    sooo it's almost HERESY to say .....

    "Why settle for "Tributes" or Vague Copies ..
    when you can afford the real deal."

    This not a Lutens favorite and I won't regret it.......

    16th August, 2012

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