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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    As recent reviewers have stated, it's difficult at this point to state anything new or original about GIT. Regardless of what's been said, and its near legendary status here on BN, the average person (at least here in the midwest of USA) has never heard of GIT, CREED as a whole, let alone smelled ANY of their fragrances. It's easy to get the feeling here on BN that it's incredibly common or almost cliche to own and enjoy GIT. Trust me, 99% of the population either can't, or won't spend over $100 on a cologne, regardless of how good it smells, so I can assure you that if you're concerned about smelling "common" wearing GIT, you won't. Period. You'll smell fresh, classy and all around GREAT, and people around you will take notice, whether they say anything or not!

    Also, while it draws plenty of comparison to Cool Water and Aspen (which I also own and enjoy in their own right) - and fairly so - they really aren't even in the same class in the long run. GIT is richer, brighter, fresher, classier, more natural smelling and MUCH longer lasting, with a dry-down to put the other 2 to shame. It's simply in a whole different class. All I know is having owned and sampled hundreds of colognes over the years, I've never really found a cologne that rivals the way GIT smells on me and make me feel.

    It's pure and simple one of my favorite colognes - Fresh, Clean, Masculine, Refined, Classy, INCREDIBLY versatile, maybe even a bit sexy - and I never grow tired of it (which I eventually do with most other fragrances eventually). I truly gain a new appreciation for it EVERY time I wear it and will always have it as a mainstay in my collection and rotation. I'm not one to "crown" any particular fragrance as my "signature scent", but if I did have to pick one for this purpose, I wouldn't hesitate at this point in time to say GIT would win the honor.

    18th August, 2012

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