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    Frank No. 2 by Frank Los Angeles

    This is a very good mild and mellow fragrance that reminds me somewhat of Avers 2 in its slightly introverted richness. The 80s powerhouse fragrances were totally extroverted and known for their strong personalities. Their style is/was to be rich and strong, and they were not shy about making their presence known. Well, those greats have been pretty much displaced in the market by the often sweeter and more mellow stuff of the 21st Century. Anvers 2 and Frank 2 have a combination of the richer, warner, green and brown elements of that earlier time, blended into that subtle, and some might say, inoffensive style of today. These two No. 2s are the best of fragrances typifying today's sensibility without being washed out. They are the best, in my opinion, because while they are a tad sweet they are not too sweet; not really unisex, thankfully; and not lacking in shades of admirable development and complexity. What also intrigues me about them is that while they are subdued they have very decent longevity, which is quite a good trick. Powerhouses they are not. But they are not weaklings either. Frank No. 2 is to the Silicon Valley-type what the earlier generation fragrances were to the Wall Street-type. To each his own. Good stuff.

    24th May, 2008 (Last Edited: 31st January, 2010)

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