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    HiM by Hanae Mori

    Randomly received a sample of the edt in Norstrom a few days ago, i think it qualifies as a "woody/spicy." Coincidentally I was there b/c i was interested in trying Gucci ph II (based on great reviews) as well as V&R spicebomb (sounded interesting). Just so happens that i found this Him by HM to be similar to both of those previously mentioned. At first smell i actually liked it better than the other two. Apparently the issue w/ Gucci ph II is longevity, and the issue with Spicebomb for me is smells like delicious food. Him by HM appears to have good longevity, and smells more like a fragrance and not as much like something i want to eat. Most likely I will grab a bottle of the 1.7 oz when its avaiilable, and also doesn't hurt that you can probably get HiM for a few bucks cheaper than the two others. Only thing is can't comment on the compliment factor, I haven't had a chance yet to see if other people like it on me. But i don't think i care b/c personally i enjoy it enough to own a small bottle.

    19th August, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st August, 2012)

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