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    Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

    Thierry mugler cologne

    this cologne completely renewed my interest in fragrances. Having not tried or purchased a fragrance in over 10 years it was time to find a new one or as it turns out many new ones .Well back to mugler cologne

    Went online to find one and saw men's magazine recommendations which lead me to YouTube reviewers who lead me to basenotes . Amazed with basenotes and read reviews and forms for months and finally joined the forums but was very intimidated to write a review being a novice as well as finding it difficult to verbally express my impression and or more accurately my feelings and emotional evoked by a fragrance.

    Went to our local Dillard's and tried several and this one was love at first sniff and I instantly loved it . Even though the hot SA was telling me to buy Chanel blue and one year latter feel the same way by the way 2nd and third place were Chanel blue and A*men.

    There is a lot written about this one and a lot of information that really only confuses
    Rather than informs and glad my first impression was from the scent rather than any pre conceded notions.I find it not similar to any of the creeds i have sampled or any other scent that i have tried and itried to find some other fragrance similar that I like as much, but could not.
    It opening is incredibly satifying and gives me solace when I'm blue. It really makes me feel happy.Theres a Limey/lemony opening thats the neroli petigran and orange flower. Its wonderful fresh and clean. Once that dies down I get the smell of fresh bathed skin. Like you are in bed with someone and inhale deeply with your eyes closed.After that it dries down to a clean musk smellThe opening fades after maybe 15 minutes than the bathed skin smell which people associate w soap last maybe 1 hour and then a clean slightly flora musk last for 4 hours but get occasional whiffs here and there after that. Incredibly versatile and a must for any collectors. its a real winner!!!

    23rd August, 2012

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