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    La Petite Robe Noire 2012 by Guerlain

    When passing by our local department store in Galway, I noticed ads for La Petite Robe NOire and could not believe my luck. Quicker than Usain Bolt, I whizzed up the kids to the nearest sales assistant and asked firmly but excitedly: "Where is you new Guerlain counter?". The reply was: "We don't have one just that perfume over there..." So I crouched down and sprayed some of LPRN on myself and on the girls. One can never start too early...I should have seen it coming... I should have known... When you start producing pink Shalimar, it's the beginning of the end. As they say here, my heart was in my mouth. I could have cried. What is this cherry jam doing here? Cherry and some sort of liquoricy smell to add insult to injury.Why call it a little black dress when it's cherry pie? Unfortunately, I never thought I 'd have to use the dreaded word...Of course, it's COMMERCIAL!!! Forget being inspired, forget doing something different and adventurous. Just put syrup in a pretty bottle with a pretty name and forget about the rest. It will sell for a few months maybe a year. Put another one out on the market as soon as sales dip a bit and call it Frilly Knickers or Cashmere Jumper and I bet you it will sell. Well, my heart is broken truly and surely.

    23rd August, 2012

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