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    Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Fruity, citrusy, boozy, cool (almost gassy-star anise-orchid) and balanced, a surprise for me. The sweetness is measured, the balsams do not overcome the borderline. The key notes are pear liqueur, plum and the anise to me, apart from the orangy and the ambery-vanillic characterizing accords. This juice is basically a gingery, rosey, orangy, plummy and anisy amber with a soft widespread "muskiness" in its body. The role of ginger, plum, orange and orchid is notable cause the previous notes imprint a sort of fruity-floral soaring, "gassy" and projecting airy temperament. There is some fruity booziness around because of the pear liqueur and licorice accord, while the widespread laundriness (bath foam kind) is made from the chord of balsams, iris and ylang-ylang. There are some floral notes indeed and may be a whirling tasty cinnamon around. The link of rose, ylang ylang, iris and anise is uber feminine, romantic and exotic, so modern over a soft ambery base. The dry down is averagely dry and powdery of woods, with an orangy-anisy and "simil berries" vibe over a soft musky and vanillic bed. Many modern following ambery-vanillic fragrances drew inspiration by this inspired "old" scent. A bit lacking of boldness and elegance but captivating for sure. Not bad.

    26th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 26th August, 2012)

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