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    Gold Man by Amouage

    After having read all the reviews on basenotes I never dared to sample this scent because I was sure it would be unwearable for me. Then I was given a sample of the shower gel which was so irresistible that it really took me in. When I finally got a boddle my first wearing turned out to be a revelation. I was suprised how very much wearable this perfume is despite its undisputable opulence and strength. This is defenitely not how I expected an oriental with this reputation would smell. There's almost no sweetness nor cloying amber or heavy spices you would expect from an oriental. It's bright and shiny floral and etherical with bright frankincence shimmering trough and a touch of amber, oakmoss and civet to give it depth and complexity. My first thought was soap. Like these handmilled french soap that you can buy in large irregular shaped blocks in south of France or a bar of soap you would expect to find in a old expensive Hotel in Paris. I has considerable sillage and staying power but, if treated with respect and with light application (1 spray under your shirt, not more) this is inoffensive and easily wearable and suitable for the office. People around you will not think of you as perfumed but rather as well groomed, having shaved with expensive shaving soap and having applied a generous amount of a high quality skin cream.

    30th August, 2012

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