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    Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

    I have a bottle of the old formula named "Eau de Rochas POUR Homme" and a bottle of the new formula "Eau de Rochas Homme". Both are great citrus fragrances and they are quite similar to each other, in this case the reformulation has not spoiled the fragrance. I get a bit softer and more comforting smell from the older version, but it's longevity is worse.

    All in all, best citrus i have tried so far hands down, very comforting, relaxing fragrance full of warmth. Usually i don't need to spray more than 2-4 sprays but with this particular fragrance 6 is not too much. Only phase where i don't like it is when spraying - for some seconds it smells like some citrus cleanser. But it doesn't matter as it very soon settles kind of creamy, soft peaceful nice scent. I think it must be the combination of myrrh and lime (like some other reviewers wrote) which causes this to be so good - a brilliant idea from the creator of this scent, Nicolas Mamounas.

    17th August, 2012 (Last Edited: 01st September, 2012)

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