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    Arso by Profumum

    Arso opens with a mixture of smoky incense, sweet amber and pine resin. This semi-sweet smoky pine pretty much hangs around from start to finish as the scent is extremely linear. Joining this accord in the heart is a minor woody cedar note that mingles with the resinous coniferous aspects to create a somewhat dark are deep overall accord that is rather distinctive if not more than a bit abstract. The overall accord sweetens a bit more in the dry-down with a slightly earthy feel late. Projection and longevity are both average.

    I like pine scents in general, but I can't say I really like Arso much. There is something about the mixture of its sweet amber, smoky incense and pine that just seems somewhat "off" to my nose. The scent does improve a bit in the dry-down, but not enough to get me to really like the stuff. Arso is not terrible, but its nothing I want to wear despite its admitted distinctiveness and innovation. If you are a "cone head" looking for something completely different than other coniferous scents on the market Arso is sniff worthy, but I recommend sticking to other coniferous scents like Norne by Slumberhouse that smell a heck of a lot better for a lot less money. Arso gets an "average" rating of 2.5 stars out of 5.

    01st September, 2012

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