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    Original Vetiver by Creed

    This is my first Creed fragrance, and after sampling it a couple of times, I really liked it enough to buy a bottle.

    The citrus in the opening smells like real dried orange peel, not the "Terry's Chocolate Orange" synthetic smell that some others offer, and it lasts surprisingly well. And coupled with the fresh greenness, it makes a really nice opening.

    Some say there's not much vetiver in it. It's certainly not a one-note vetiver fragrance, but once it starts to dry down, I get plenty of it - it's greener and fresher than, say, Guerlain Vetiver, and nowhere near as woody, but to me it's clearly there in good quantity.

    Later on, the sandalwood and cedar start to come out to me - more subtle than many, but very nice indeed. And even at this stage, there's still some of the opening orange there. And even later, there's a bit of a musky skankiness, if that makes sense - is that a combination of musk and ambergris? And even at the end of it all, when it's nearly gone, there are still hints of the opening orange.

    As for longevity, the samples I tried lasted 4-5 hours on my wrist (which is good - fragrances just don't last on my wrist), and with a full wearing I'm getting in excess of 12 hours - which is exceptionally good. And I've been getting compliments on it too, which is unusual for me.

    All in all, I think this is a fabulous fragrance, and definitely my favourite Creed so far - I'm very happy I bought it at a bargain price when I had the chance. (I like Aventus too, but full price is a bit too much for me).

    02nd September, 2012

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