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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Relax by Davidoff

    No shop here in The Netherlands sells this amazing fragrance anymore now. As a lover of 70's and 80's (powerhouse) fragrances I bought one 75 ml bottle blind after reading all reviews I could find about it.
    My research was not in vain cause, as expected, I really love this discontinued fragrance. I do not know how old the bottle is but the scent is still amazing with huge sillage and longevity. Compared to its lovely brother Zino, I get at least 4 hours more longevity!
    As it's only available in one (online)store here and for the rest only to be bought in Germany (Douglas), as far as I could see on the net, I bought myself one back-up bottle. The back-up bottle smells exactly the same as the other so, if stored properly it lasts for years imo.
    What to say and to add about the scent and smell of relax?
    First of all I do not see any similarities with Zino at all. Zino is more macho, darker, has that animalic vibe because of rose mixed with patchouli, has way less sillage and longevity compared to Relax, after the first hour, and has a vanilla dry down as well but different; more vanilla-sugary. Both are to me sexy smells and, imo, Relax is also to be worn at the office (light application) while Zino is more an evening scent.
    To explain the smell of Relax: Imagine a more creamy-smooth Brut Faberge because of the anise and benzoin but with also a real masculine vibe because of the leather, with Relax even being stronger than Brut despite the smoothness. Relax is a smooth powerhouse imo.
    The mix of notes in Relax are really magnificantlly done! For me the perfect original!, strong, though not overpowering nor offensive scent that can be worn almost anytime!
    I agree on the remark that if Davidoff would've spent some really serious advertising work on this one, instead of all attention on mainly "Cool Water" they would have had a bestseller, imo. Maybe I am glad they didn't as I know almost noone here has this scent! A missed opportunity for Davidoff though! Longevity is 10+ hrs and sillage above average.
    5 Thumbs up! Rated: 10/10

    Edit: Got a third (vintage) 75ml bottle of Relax with script font instead of block and different bottle shape which smells about exactly the same (which is NOT the case with the Zino or Cool Water bottles) as the two other more modern bottles of Relax I own with Davidoff written in block font on bottle and package. All three are 75 ml's and the fragrance is still not to get anymore here online. I think I bought the last two genuine bottles 2 years ago! It has become my signature fragrance an I still have to smell a fragrance that is just a little close to this highly original gem. Still one of a kind! Rated: still 10/10

    22nd July, 2011 (Last Edited: 04th September, 2012)

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