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    Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga

    Opens with church social fruit punch, air freshener, melted popsicles; stickiness pervades. One hour in: some fine Body Shop type musk emerges but is quickly elbowed out by an overall impression of sourness--rich and deep smelling but somehow cheap, rubbery. And not even the fun kind of cheap, not skanky, but apologetic and budget. An artificial jasmine note stands out similar to the dominant one in Alien. There is at least some progression if I really pay attention and put my nose directly to the skin, but from any farther away and after ten minutes, Fame reads fairly linear. Is there really any truth to this push pull technology beyond the natural variation most any perfume goes through on any skin? I see and smell nothing exceptional.

    Just before the base there's a wine and cigarettes vibe, which would have worked well with Gaga's image had it been better executed. Instead it's Manischewitz kosher wine above all. No real incense impressions after two wears and repeated sniffs of a card, only musk-smokey cigarette ash smell from paper and a bit of overheated electronics cords on skin, the latter could have been near-CDG compelling if had been amped up 10x (not even hyperbole; it's that faint). Once the interest of the failed incense passes, Fame becomes a bit annoying in its chemical soupiness. I had to scrub each time after three hours, but the scent had already mostly gone anyway.

    Reminiscent of: a very weak, very bad knockoff of Cacharel's Loulou (which is an underrated masterpeice that I hate to disgrace by even comparing with lame Fame), a quiet Catholic school rebel version of Elizabeth Taylor's Passion (which I like better because it's at least intense), and in (in)substantiality: Coty's other scents made for two women Gaga's age: the Mary-Kate and Ashley perfumes. An uninvolved perfume SA commented "smells like cheap Juicy Couture velour." Almost velvety but more velour.

    Overall rating: 1/10 for the opening ... 5/10 for the drydown = 3/10

    I'd much sooner buy Madonna's Truth or Dare instead: rubbery, musky, and white floral too but actually sexy! No pun-comparison of the actual celebrities intended.

    04th September, 2012

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