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    Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

    This wondrously notorious elixir is the seductive, independent woman with brains and heart in spades who got burned at the stake by the angry villagers. Witch hunt ... my search is over, though.

    This one chooses you. So Hello, My Future Signature. I'm a witchy woman, bookish, a lover of 1970s vintage clothing and pop culture. Feminism is still necessary, and when I say 'peace' I actually mean it. Of course Aromatics Elixir also works on responsible, traditional more grown-up women, on men with personality and pizzaz, and countless other types who value character and substance. Still, it's not quite all serious business: there's a bit of a dark humor and hedonism here mixed in with the no-nonsense.

    It takes guts and patience to find the right amount to spray and to sit through what amounts to a sour opening on many. Although AE is definitely accessible and democratic, its "paced" and "challenging" nature is both classical like a slow-moving black and white movie and avant-garde like a conceptual chamber piece that refuses to compliment your ears but grants you the dignity of assuming you might like to think and be involved rather than stay flattered.

    But flatter too Aromatics Elixir does: it suits and settles into a not-animalic-per say animalism. Earthy, just aloof enough but still warm potion. Can be worn everyday in lotion form or in the light walkthrough spray method, but it's so unique and mystical that Aromatics Elixir brings something of the earthly sublime even in repeat wearings. If you love patchouli, incense, your roses dipped in wine, chypres, complex classical perfumes, and if you always respect yourself in the morning... give Aromatics Elixir a try. Three tries even. That's how many it took me. Start with spritzing the air and walking through or you may get burned.

    Rating: 10/10 for the vintage perfume, 9/10 reformulated perfume, 8/10 edt.
    Longevity: Undefeated champion.
    Sillage: if you apply sparingly, somewhat intimate. Otherwise likely to fill half a room in the first hour until drying down to a nice arm's length.
    Gender: So above and beyond that shiz.
    Occasion: Daily. Honoring the "old ladies'" who get so much hate, honoring mother nature and your own nature.

    04th September, 2012

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