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    Rush by Gucci

    It's a fun, warm ... chypre? Who knew!

    Go eassssssy on the trigger, tigress, or you'll smell easier still. It's a hard one to pull off, but I L-O-V-E!

    There's some talk about how much Rush resembles an update of Diorella. The main attraction here is a giant peach that would give James a size queen complex. It's known as a party girl perfume and very late-90s indeterminate-confused aesthetic with the Rothko-wannabe VHS cleaner container. Rush can smell a little like chewed up bubblegum and cigarettes (in a good way, hi there ELdO), and I have more than once felt the urge to scrub when applied while in the wrong mood. But there's nothing like Rush for amour fou.

    An oldschool virago in a fur coat complete with red spray paint attack. This scent smells like Italo Disco sounds: trashy, copying something so wrongly it turns brilliant, transcendent, spacey, artificial and synthetic, yet classic! "I'm a spacer woman. Don't you worry 'bout me. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to love you. We can start it over. Come on be my lover. You will be my mentor. Let me be your stranger."

    Freesia, coriander, vetiver, and patchouli all in sheer but harsh red-flashing sequences hypnotize and harken to the spirit of all kinds of disco.

    "I come from Space/I want to know/If I can do/My love is true... " Rush comes in peace. She's a raver and a lover; not a fighter!

    Overall rating: 9/10 (if you're afraid of the description above, then make that a zero and move on).
    Longevity: "EUROPA. ENDLOS."
    Sillage: prepare for the stares and the glares (unless you dab, which I recommend. This one's gorgeous at low volume!).
    Gender: more like: sex? yes please.
    Occasion: painting the town if color-me-bold.

    04th September, 2012

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