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    APOM pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Sadened, by this after all i loved Lumiere Noire Pour Homme and Absolute Pour Le Soir my MFK - this is quite simply a disaster, orange blossom/flower seems to the only ingridient in perfumery that turns my stomach - and i had a such a bad nausea with his just like bulgari black, after the initial 3 hours or so - it does get better, the cedar crisps the fragrance for a bit and we do get a hint of the MFK signature drydown as featured in absolute pour le soir - however, this radiates back and forth between the nauseating amber-flower combo - i am thankful that i was given 6 samples of APOM when i bought APLS and LNPH from the MFK line, had i bought it it would have straight would have become a toilet spray, i was also given an APOM room spray as well- i just hope it is not disaster like this EDT.

    04th September, 2012

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