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    Incense Extrême by Tauer

    No doubts, one of my favorite incense and a real churchy frankincense i crave for. The juice is long lasting and the incense oil is concentrated despite the scent  turns out never heavy but finally light and smooth. The petitgrain at the beginning is standout and magistrally mixed with aromatic spices,  woodsy notes, smoke and with the coming up frankincense in an almost agreeable way (pungent, spicy and fruity). The frankincense is averagely dry but some resinous woodsy notes and the concentration of incense oil imprint a certain  density to the olfactory outcome. Some arcane green (resinous and aromatic) elements swirl indeed longly around on the side of a dark woodiness and (i suppose) secret fruits. The cedary frankincense is barely ambery with a sort of final virile, almost corporeal woody-ambery (soapy) background that turns the fragrance out not at all gothic, "irony" or straightforward but (because of soothing amber and woods) comforting, warm, sensual, barely powdery and almost urban. You will be enveloped in a sort of timeless, relaxing, well rounded and velvety aura arousing the senses higher and higher.

    05th September, 2012

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