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    Santos by Cartier

    Elegant and conservative this is a real epitome of 80's, an old formula of the best kind of elegance. It's dark-boise as the smell of a dark forest, it's rubbery, musky with an hint of fruity incense. The inizial whiff of earthy patchouli and fruity resins reminds a bit the original Aramis that is pungently leathery like this one but with a different kind of fruity after smell (myrtle oil plus an obscure fruity touch, spices and flowers for Aramis). Three are in my opinion the key elements of Santos: the gummy-incensey galbanum, the earthy patchouli and the pungent orangy neroli. A well dosed lavender provides the discreet, traditional touch of virility. Nutmeg and vetiver keep a fair touch of mild earthiness till the end of development. The combination of galbanum and vetiver produces a sort of earthy but resinous incensed kind of whiff. The woodsy temperament is supported by juniper, heavy woods and green notes while an hint of dirty air is blown by cumin. The bit acid after smell of the last is barely perceivable by brave noses. The final outcome is a sort of velvety and leathery smell of forest and smoky orange with a touch of incensey dust. A pillar of classicism.

    21st April, 2011 (Last Edited: 06th September, 2012)

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