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    Encre Noire by Lalique

    I waited 2 years to buy this one, i tested encre noire at the same time as oud wood, that's why i forgot, what it smelled like :-) but still bought a bottle a couple days ago.

    What does it smell like: uomo III and gucci pour homme mixed together.

    Is it good ? yes, but i have gucci pour homme and uomo, which none of them give me a headache in the , unlike this one.

    Is it wearable ? yes, but no sillage, not sure, what people mean with good sillage, i have none after 20 minutes ( just enough to get a headache )

    Longevity: not good, except on clothes, sprayed on my shirt 2 days ago and can still smell it.

    Is it of chanel quality ? not even close, Sycamore is next in line for me.

    Would i do it all over again ? I rather buy myself a nice filet and through it on the grill.

    Sorry lalique, not a fan so far, but nice try

    Do yourself a favor and buy the real deal, sycamore. you really think the quality could be the same between a $45 and a $120 frag ?

    07th September, 2012

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