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    M by Puredistance

    Puredistance M's extrait of perfume is a stunning lecherous spicy-leathery-oriental with an arabesque kind of vibe. Boozy and luxuriant this yummy elixir starts with a blast of sheer animalic oakmoss, decadent bergamot, kind of smoky pepper (tobacco yet?) and huge cinnamon before a sort of royal rose-jasmine combo keeps flaunting its floral subtleness in the air of cozy ambiences (where you could dare to wear this olfactory beast). The jasmine is starring together with a wonderful regal cinnamon working hard throughout the journey side by side with an authoritarian and dark patchouli. Probably some aromatic spices like kurcuma or cumin are effectively combined with the other elements in the blend cause the prickly-smoky cinnamon smells "airy-aromatic" further than yummy because of the coming up balsams from the base. In the meanwhile a sort of vanillic suede rises up from the background enveloping the elements is an exotic spicy-boozy-leathery embrace that is finally velvety and smooth. I catch for sure the yummy kind of civilized quality vetiver in the background and its combination with oakmoss, leather, smoky spices and vanilla reminds me vaguely the Black Afgano N.'s vetiver implementation. Minarets, sultans and tents of desert come to mind with this fragrance reminding me a bit the Arabie and Ambre Sultan's exoticism. There are other fragrances coming to mind while i inhale M (for different reasons as the peppery-boozines, the animalic and aromatic spicy temperament, the usage of cinnamon etc) as Coze PG, Absolu Pour Le Soir K. and Idole de Lubin. Expensive but utterly worthy viscous alchemy for the lovers of the sumptuous olfactory high quality. Just Masculine in my opinion and really long lasting.

    08th September, 2012

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